The month of Ramadan, the number of women who remove the tattoo is rising

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Hai frens stemians,The month of Ramadan, when it is right to do good things, one of them removes the tattoo. Data from ZAP Beauty Clinic, the percentage of female consumers who removed tattoos at a ZAP clinic using laser technology in May 2018 increased to 20 percent.
Interestingly, the trend of increasing the number of female consumers who remove tattoos in the month of Ramadan continues to repeat from year to year, although there is no special promo for tattoo removal treatment during the month of Ramadan.

In addition to removing tattoos using lasers that lately are being a trend, the moment of Ramadan is often associated with the opportunity to 'clean' themselves. Most of these women consumers consider Ramadan is the right time to clean the tattoo.

Some of the female consumers remove the tattoos because they do not think long when deciding to make a tattoo on his body. Then, there are also removing tattoos due to job requirements, and some even aimed at erasing bad memories like ex-boyfriend's name.

Moreover, tattoo removing technology is currently growing. The laser method is considered the least painful method to remove the tattoo, compared to two other techniques of dermabrasion and skin surgery.

According to research conducted in the United States in 2014 against 64 patients who remove tattoos with lasers, 30 to 50 percent of patients get their tattoo color fade only after one treatment. More satisfactory results obtained after undergoing five times the laser light therapy, the color tattoos faded to 90 percent.

"The laser beam will work to destroy the color pigment of the tattoo, then the rest of the pigment will be destroyed by itself by the body's defense system.A black tattoo will be easier to lose than a colored tattoo Tattoo with a lot of ink and have a line or a layered model will also take time which is longer to be removed ",

said dr. Anangga Dipamira from ZAP Beauty Clinic Plaza Senayan, Jakarta.


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