After the rain forecast flowers being happy again.

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Good morning my fellow Steemians,

After some long time ago I couldn't go garden area coz it had sadness scenery without fall rain. But yesterday night started rain and had over three hours. So morning time I looked how flowers blooming. You can see.


With darkness condition captures didn't brightness. But happy scenery to me. I don't try to write more description. Because this is photography looks post.


Seriously I'm glad to to join with esteem app. @good-karma never try to hold their sp and their app given to Steemians who posting through @esteem. But some of Dapps committed hold their sp without share to valuable content creators.


Look at this flower. She clearly wake up and show her beauty to nature. After took this click another flower also booming. But I couldn't caught it.


These butches of flowers show their smiles to me. I gave return smile to them.


Finally I caught couple of flowers. They pretty lovely. I show my love to them.

Thanks for watching. See you again next time. Don't forget to promote #steem tag to twitter.

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These flowers are very beautiful! I especially love the white ones in the second photo. It's great that you admire them with smile and love. I'm also happy to see them. Thanks for sharing. ;)


I'm glad to like you these flowers. Flowers create happiness and smile our faces.
Thanks for commenting @tangmo.


You're welcome! I totally agree with you, "flowers create happiness and smile our faces", indeed! ;)