Today i was thinking that the biggest prison you can be in, is the fear - of what other people will think

in esteem •  last month

We give ourselves so many times, so many limitations and asking our self´s or telling our self:

I can’t do that.

How would I look?

What would other people say?

I won’t be talented enough.

I will never make it.

There is too many to count and we know most of them. 

All of it is things we impose on ourselves. We do this. We can’t possibly know before we’ve tried. We need to try first, then we know. And we may even need to try more than once. It’s said that practice makes perfect. Sooner or later you will make it. Just because we haven’t found a solution yet doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. 

All it means is that we haven’t found it yet. Nothing else. So we should give ourselves a break and at least give ourselves an honest chance before we judge ourselves a failure. 

I wish you all a beautiful day. May this day bring you enough of what you need & all you deserve!

Today’s word: “The biggest prison you can be in is the fear of what other people will think.”

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