watercolor painting

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watercolor painting

i want to share my watercolor painting profile of a young woman in colors
i like colors , so my watercolor painting also is in colors , i have made a digital art of this one , and now i am sharing it's process pictures , i like to work with watercolor because it is a fun and joy to putt colors on paper , working with brush and water makes me feel good
it is time consuming more than digital art , but have a perfect feeling
thinking to do a new digital art with this painting in few days ,i hope you like this painting








i hope you enjoyed to watch these works

Here you can see some of my works in this GIF :)


i made this GIF with one of my digital arts :)



have a very beautiful day ❤️ and see you next time! tomorrow! :)

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Very cool portrait, I love the feeling and the colours on this one. Great job, Lia!

🤗 thank you

very nice! i love watercolors! ...the way they come together and mix is beautiful!

...great job. cant wait to see more.

🌺 thank you so much

Fantastic! I very like this colors combination!

😊 thank you so much dear