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Hello my Dearest Friends,

The two weeks with my sister visiting from Slovakia passed by too quickly and now all I have left is lots and lots of photos, lol.

Luckily, there is also a Messenger, but she is busy working so we don't get to talk very often. However, I am planning to visit her next year for three months, so we will be able to enjoy our time together in much more relaxed way. I will also be able to stay in touch with you without taking break and keep you posted about my adventures in Europe. Isn't that exciting???

Anyway, now lets focus on our trip in NEW YORK, the city of many faces and busy lifestyle. Boy I tell you, two days is very little time to see this majestic city, especially if one day is raining!!! Yeah; it was a nightmare, because we spent half of the day underground, instead of taking one of the tour buses that take you around the city. We saw people siting on top of them in the rain wearing raincoats, but we just didn't think it was a very good idea. Nevertheless, we manged to cover lots of ground under and above even with our little munchkins, but we were exhausted.

By the way, I must warn you that this is a very long post, because I took lots of photos. And even though I was debating whether I should make two posts, I decided to do only one. I have also lots of other photos I took within the two weeks wile my sister was here, so I better get the New York trip over with.

This photo is from the second day, when we had finally beautiful sunny day. I took it in the Central Park and I am choosing it for the cover photo, because it's one of my favorites. After I will continue from the beginning of our trip with the gloomy photos of Statue of Liberty.


And here she is, the famous STATUE OF LIBERTY that I captured from the STATEN ISLAND FERRY. Before we went on the trip, I was imagining the photo being vibrant under a blue sky, but all I got was this ugly gloominess. It took quite of bit of editing to make it look at least like this. Well, maybe next time I will be luckier.


I also took photo of this boat because I though that was kind of cool

My sister took photo of me..........can you believe I am wearing a winter coat??? LOL!!! It was really cold and I am still coughing!!!



Back on land, walking up the street in Manhattan. I found this flag very enticing, since New York is well know for its acting schools, theaters and cinematography.

From the distance we could see a large group of people, so we are going to check what is the big fuss about, lol.

I was also admiring the architecture and trees, so I took couple of shots on the way.

Finally, we arrived the see the BIG CENTER OF ATTRACTION, THE RAGING BULL made of bronze by Arturo Di Modica in 1989. If you would like to read more, you can go to WIKIPEDIA HERE.

All I can tell you, that people were taking photos with this majestic beast and they were standing in line to take turn, lol. I just wanted his majesty alone, so I found an angle while standing in the crowd. I did have to do some editing to remove a hand that was holding him though, lol.

The raining stopped for awhile, so we were able to admire the busy streets of Manhattan.



Just a small piece of a majestic 40 story high EQUITABLE BUILDING. one of the beautiful old architecture of Manhattan build in 1915 designed by Ernest R. Graham with Peirce Anderson as the architect who was managing the project.

In this case, the raining was quite suitable to visit the TWIN TOWER MEMORIAL one of the saddest places in the world. The rain drops seemed to me like the never drying tears of families who lasted their loved ones. I still feel the sadness when I am looking at these photos.

My camera couldn't capture the grandeur of the two simple, yet beautiful waterfalls surrounded by white oak trees in the location of the twin towers.

The names of 2,983 victims are inscribed on 152 bronze parapets on the memorial pools: 2,977 killed in the September 11 attacks and six killed in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. The names are arranged according to an algorithm, creating "meaningful adjacencies" based on relationships—proximity at the time of the attacks, company or organization affiliations (for those working at the World Trade Center or the Pentagon) and in response to about 1,200 requests from family members. Software by Local Projects implemented the arrangement. Source Wikipedia


To continue our tour, lets see the futuristic WORLD TRADE CENTER TRANSPORTATION HUB, the Oculus, opened on March 3, 2016.


Although I love old architecture, I absolutely loved this interior, because I felt like I was in the future, or in some large animal. Fascinating place! I only wish I would have time to take more photos.

On the other hand, this terminal is a classic beauty build in 1913. Do I need to say more? GRANT STATION TERMINAL



Finally we made it to TIME SQUARE and we are at the end of our day one. We are totally exhausted, but the city is still full of life, lights and colors. Another face of NEW YORK, I GUESS the one majority of you is most familiar with. You can clearly see from my photos, how many people are on the street, lol. It is something that is fun to experience once in a while, but not too often. Toronto is very busy too, but I don't think it's as bad as this 😁



Oh and one last beauty of the day that caught my eye.

The historic I. Miller Building, located at the corner of Broadway and 46th Street, was designated a NYC landmark in June, 1999. It was found to have “a special historical and aesthetic interest and value as part of the development, heritage, and cultural characteristic of New York City.”1 Shoe manufacturer Israel Miller opened his first retail store on the ground floor of 1554 Broadway in 1911, catering to both professional theatrical clients and the general public. After acquiring a long-term lease for both 1554 and the adjoining property at 1552 in 1920, Miller hired architect Louis H. Friedland to create the design for his new shop in this prominent Times Square location. Renovation of the two original four-story tenements on the site (1552 and 1554 Broadway) was completed in 1926. From ARCHITECT FIRMS


The next day the rain stopped and sun came out so we could enjoy the tranquility of the CENTRAL PARK. Although, I would need at least one week just to see and photograph there. That place is huge and beautiful, full of gardens, architecture, ponds, all kinds of activities and charming places to relax.


Absolutely love this photo. Can you believe there are public washrooms behind those trees?

SWEDISH COTTAGE MARIONETTE THEATER Was one of the charming places I would like to hang out longer, unfortunately there was no time


And here we are; one and only photo I have with my sister and with Nicholas, because Felipe was not in the mood,lol 😍

Although my daughter was able to get Felipe in this picture at least 😍

THE METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ARTthe third most visited museum in the world. To bad we had no time. We had to leave at 6pm and we got home at 2am. My son in law and my daughter had to got to work the next day. That's life. But I am very grateful that they took time for this special family trip that will be in our memories for generations. It was my Birthday gift and Mother's Day gift by the way 🌸💖🌸

Here are our troublemakers chasing poor pigeons.....luckily, they have no chance caching them lol.

They were two fountains on each side of the building. It is truly a beautiful palace in the middle of busyness to sit and relax.

To say goodbye to New York I have last two photos of buildings I liked on 5th Avenue. They are just apartments and I bet very expensive, lol.


I hope you enjoyed this quick tour trough New York; if you never been there I suggest you to go for more than two days. It is wonderful city that has so much to offer and if you like photography like I do, you will enjoy it for sure.




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Thank you so much 😉

Thanks for sharing your trip and your pictures! I would love to visit New York but it is a long trip for me as I am Italian. But I will do it for sure one day.

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Thank you so much, I am happy you enjoyed @redthunder90. I would love to visit Italy and it is very likely that I will next year, while I am visiting my sister in Slovakia 😊

Well if you do lemme know I might give you some tips, i live in Sorrento, Naples

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Thank you, I will for sure 😊

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Fantastic pictures and a fantastic city, I visited New York in 1991 ... it was a long time ago ;)

Thank you so much Sweetie.............I just came to Canada in 1990 🌸💖🌸


Fantastic photos of one of my favorite cities! I went there many times for 4 and 5 day sightseeing/theater trips and always left thinking that I needed 6 months to see everything I wanted to see.
I love your photo of Lady Liberty. ❤️🗽❤️

You know Melinda, I think I fell in love with New York too and I have to go there again for sure. There is still soooooooooooo much I need to see and photograph. Thank you so much, I am truly happy you like it. But I have to take another photo of Lady Liberty under blue sky, lol 😍🗽😍

Amazing post. I can feel the NYC from the Himalayas.

Thank you so much my Friend, I would love to visit Himalayas someday 😊

Absolutely fabulous photos of a beautiful city, you are so blessed to have these lovely memories @lenasveganliving! Thank you for sharing.

Yes I am my Dear Lizelle, thank you so much 🌸💖🌸

Your photographs are fabulous. I am so glad you got to reconnect with your sister. :)

Thank you so much Rebecca, you are very kind 🌸💖🌸

What a lovely trip! I'm sorry that the weather wasn't ideal all the time. It's a pity but you still made the best out of it. Was it the first time for your sister in the US? New York in two days sounds challenging :) You must have been completely exhausted.. I know I would be :)

Thank you for sharing so many photos from your trip. You must be excited to spend 3 months in Slovakia :) When exactly will you be going there?

Have a lovely weekend!

Oh yes, it was! My sister never been in US before and even I was only in New Jersey and over the border from Montreal. Two was definitely not enough and we were completely exhausted, especially with the rainy day and two three years old, lol. But I hope I will go again someday again.

I am planning to go to Slovakia at the beginning of April next year, after my grandson's BD. And yes, I am very excited!!! We will go to Prague for sure and possibly to Italy as well.

Thank you so much for stopping by Dear Martina and I wish you lovely weekend as well 😍

I hope you had enough time to relax :)

You should definitely travel as much as you can in Europe as you haven't been here for such a long time. If you make it to Switzerland too, just let me know :)

Have a lovely day!

Oh yes I have! I am on disability, so I can relax as much a need to. Altough I still like to be active with things I enjoy. It's not easy, because of my chronic pain, but I take my time, no rush, lol.

I would love to go to Switzerland and of not next year thank year after. I am planning to go to Slovakia every year, if I get a cheep flight. A friend of my daughter's has a way to find them so she may help me. That's how my sister came this year. Thank you so much Sweetie, I will let you know when I am in Europe regardless. Maybe we could even meet in Prague 😍

Howdy Miss Lena! wow, what a great time that must have been and what a great city! I think it would take a week just to see a portion of it. That looked like so much fun and the photos are really good and you all look wonderful!

Howdy Janton! NY is definitely great city and there is so much to see! Definitely one week trip minimum. I bet you find some of the history quite interesting. Thank you so much for stopping by 😊

My pleasure and you said something about "next time" does that mean you're going back?

Howdy Janton! Well I would like to, but I don't know for sure, lol.

Well, I guess it's a very expensive place to visit right? Especially with several people. Maybe in a couple years the price of steem with be high, your account will be huge, you'll be making a great passive income here and then you can go where you want!
Hey that trip to Slovakia sounds like a great one, for three months? wow!

Howdy Janton! I really wish you are right and the Steem goes high. I would love to travel and that would solve my financial problem. And yes, NY is expensive, but what isn't ??? LOL!!!

The good thing about going ti Slovakia is that I will not need money for accommodations and for food. Just for my recipes and some spending money 😊

Are you going by yourself? I guess your daughter can't go? Does your sister have a job?

Yes, my sister has a regular job and my daughter will go with my son in law and the boys when they are little bit older. So yes I go by my self, but I am going to stay with my sister and her husband. They have big house.

N Y is on my bucket list and will go for more than two days. (Thanks for the tip).
A delicious taste of an amazing city.
I loved the bull's surging power and sweet expression and the rose on the memorial.
Super pics.....thank you.

I am very happy you enjoyed my Dear; thank you so much for stopping by 😍

You certainly got to see a lot in one day that would of be so exciting but tiring a very nice show of photos thanks for taking us on that tour :)

It was very tiring and I wish we could stay longer, but we made the best of it. Thank you so much for stopping by my Friend; I am glad you enjoyed it 😊

I definitely enjoyed it thanks it certainly bought back memories of when i was there :)

I am happy to hear that 😊

Great photos! Thanks for sharing your visit with your sister and all the sights. Too bad the weather wasn’t warmer. I love spending time with my sister, although I’m much older we have a lot in common.

It was my pleasure, I thank you for stopping by. And yes the first day was brutal, but at least we got lovely weather the next day. I am also little bit older than my sister but now in our age the 5 years makes hardly any difference. Except she looks a lot younger, lol.

You both look great, Lena.

Oh my goodness Lena!!!!! You certainly had a whirlwind trip to New York!!!! So much to do in so little time. Your grandsons are beyond precious, certainly full of life (and mischief, lol) You, your daughter and your sister are soooooo beautiful, what a lovely family! I am so glad you had this time together, great memories which you'll share forever. AND you have so many photos to go through :) Looking forward to seeing many, many more! Love it!

Awwwwwwwwwww, you are so sweet my Dear Troy! Thank you so much. Make sure you send me some photos of your little one 💖

Wow you got to see a lot in two days it must have been so tiring doing all that in such a short time I am lucky working here and can do a little at a time

Is t it such an amazing city and thanks for reminding of a couple of places I must revisit sometime

I hate leaving a comment and not upvoting and post is so deserving of a vote so I will instead !tip

Oh my goodness, I would be just happy if you leave a comment. I know you live in NY and you are a great photographer so your visit means a lot to me. I don't know how to thank you! I really appreciate it. You made my day 😊

And yes, it was exhausting, especially in the rain with two 3 year old, lol. But it was worth it! Please let me know when you photograph some of the places that I visited.

No ned for thanks it was just a token of my appreciation for your post, I wander all over the city and will no doubt get to those places again, but let me turn it another way, tell me the one place you would love to see photos of and I will do my best to get to it soon :)

That is very kind of you and I like your offer. I must say that my favorite is the Central park and I wish I could spend the whole week there. But I also love the World Trade Centre Transportation Hub and the Metropolitan Museum. But any of the places I visited will do. Of course, the Statue of Liberty, lol.

Ok I will see what I can do wasn’t that long ago I did the World Transportation hub and I haven’t been in the MET fir maybe 10 years I may save that fir a winters day when I can’t get out walking outside
Central Park fir sure I will be visiting again soon I love it there
And I must get out on a Boat to get closer shots of the Statue if liberty again it’s been a while we’ll also years since I have done that

Nice photos!

Thank you 😊