Have you heard about "The Secret"?

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Well, if you have not heard of the movie or book, "The Secret" reveals how everything you want to manifest in your life. More money, of an ideal, or perfect health.

Great job, right? It's no wonder that "The Secret" has become so famous so quickly.(html comment removed: more)

Why I want to do here is to talk about the keys contained in "secret" that are offered, but containing three main pitfalls that lead people to the conclusion: "Ah, this is not working !".

We will discuss how to overcome difficulties, so that even you can live life to is destined.
It sounds good? Ok, let's get going.

"Secret" begins with the idea that there is a secret knowledge about the ones who had knowledge and they used great minds of history in order to create their great achievements.

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These historical figures were Einstein, Lincoln, Emerson, Edison ...the movie assumed that if we could have this knowledge, we could have created great things in the same way.

So the information in "The Secret" is old, but just seems new to us, because it was kept secret until now, a treasure that we were not worthy of.

According to the makers of the film "The Secret", the information presented was kept under a bushel . Whatever the reality, - I think the film is a lot of marketing (but very effective) - which is actually telling us the movie "The Secret"?

First, "The Secret" tells us that we are the ones responsible for what we live. Our lives show how they look, because the choices we make constantly, the intentions that we have, the feelings we cherish, and through actions that we undertake.

I would call it a good start.

So if that works in life, what remains unproven about "The Secret"?

Well, "secret" deals with discussing the POWER intention and the law of attraction. The basic theory are the following: if you like something, express your intention on this, then watch and you feel as if you have already have. you follow then the appropriate action to make it come true.
When we do this, we draw the thing we want in ur life.

"Secret" talks about "Infinite Possibilities".

"Secret tells us: You can have, or to be anything you want" in other words, anything is possible if you put your mind one thing. All it takes is for you to open your mind to one thing. You must open your mind and view. If you do this repeatedly, and also act in accordance with it, that will come your way. The idea may be appealing infinite possibilities and can help open your mind when you're stuck in your own limitations. Regarding these considerations, the message is really useful. However, the concept of "infinite possibilities" is not helpful and approach the idea of ​​corrective actions in life.

What is useful is that you know which is the best opportunity for you in this present moment. Do some innitiative. That is what you need to know.

Endless possibilities are overwhelming and meaningless when it comes to entrepreneurial action. What is really useful is to know exactly what to do in a context of your life, here and now.

How subconscious interfere subversive power of intention

A second main point of the movie "The Secret" is the power of intention. According to "The Secret", you can attract what you want by channeling your intentions consciously in that direction. The first issue of all this is that most of process attraction that takes place in subconscious. In other words, I draw to me unintended things consciously. Secondly, my subconscious has the ability to "interfere" consciously. No matter how good my skills in views, feelings and intentions, if you have a program running subconsciously contrary to my conscious intention, there will be interference and conflict.

For example, if consciously I intend to become rich, but my subconsciously program say: "Wealth is bad, money is all evil. Rich people are mean and selfish. "There is a part of me that will make sure that I do not get rich. That part of me will take care to sabotage my wealth, because one of my personal values ​​is to be a good person and do things well, and besides, I still have the idea that wealth contradicts this. A trigger program subconscious is more than that to print a conscious intent to surface level. It requires more than positive thoughts, positive feelings, or do positive actions. All this is very good, and are part of the great global process of manifestation. In addition, one more thing is necessary: ​​to let us know which programs are subconscious and save energy that kept them in those patterns, release it, before launching conscious intentions.

Why not get what you want.

Focus on the what you want!

The final key provided in "The Secret" is just the Law of Attraction: comparable attracts comparable. You can have, to be, anything you want, attracting that thing in your life.

What you actually need is the right thing for you in here and now. The last point of reference name of "secret" is: the law of attraction works based on "being" versus "having" .... As a good book once said, "Seek first the kingdom of God, and everything else you will be added to you. " (Matthew 6.33) God's Kingdom is a state of being, a state of consciousness. This is where your treasure is. In this way and not another, you will become healthy, happy and fulfilled. These "things" in life are a result of your state of being. Your Being attracts your life.

The essential problem in all the work consists in "wanting".

Although you are instructed to visualize and feel what you want as a present reality, you still do all these things because you want something, due to the fact you do not have that something. That there is something outside yourself, that currently do not have it, and that you want, the idea to experience the life you want. The whole concept is based on lack of desire, and sought outside yourself. Experience arising is: "I want something that I do not have". Your subconscious mind knows this, even when your conscious mind is be preoccupied establish positive intentions.

The law of attraction is based on being, not having.

For example, if you want to experience love, then bring love into your life, you be the one to think thoughts of love, feel the feelings of love, and doing loving actions. When you find love in yourself, you will experience love. This is an experience, an internal state, which always becomes reflected from the outside world. Your state of being attracts international frequencies in the environment that resonates with your frequency.


If you live in an inner state of wholeness, abundance and gratitude, you will experience this in your environment.

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