Meeting in the air

in #esteem5 years ago

How it thrills our hearts with rapture
As we feel the hour is nigh,
When the voice of the archangel
Shall resound throughout the sky,
And the dead in Christ, upspringing,
With the living saints shall be
Caught away from all earth's shadows
To a glad eternity!

O the meeting in the air!
O the meeting in the air,
With the blessed King of glory
In our bridal garments fair!
O the meeting in the air!
O the meeting in the air,
With the loved ones and the lost ones
Evermore united there!

Oft the weary miles divide us
From the friends we cherish so,
And the look from eyes that love us—
How we miss where'er we go!
And sometimes the grave has hidden
One whose face was very dear—
O what joy once more to meet them
When the Master shall appear!

O the hope of His appearing—
How it lights the dreary way,
How it girds our souls with courage
For the "little while" we stay!
For it cannot be much longer
Till the Bridegroom calls us home;
Surely, surely He comes quickly!
Even so, Lord Jesus, come!


Nicely constructed poem about rapture. We're all looking forward to that day when we're going to be transformed and caught in the air with our king. What a glorious day it will be! Thanks for sharing

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