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Today : What, Then, Should We Do?

Bible Study Theme: Jesus and the Just Reign of God

God Sends Jesus
Zechariah Prophesies about His Son, John

Verse of the Day : Luke 3:7-14- (The Message (MSG))


7-9 When crowds of people came out for baptism because it was the popular thing to do, John exploded: “Brood of snakes! What do you think you’re doing slithering down here to the river? Do you think a little water on your snakeskins is going to deflect God’s judgment? It’s your life that must change, not your skin. And don’t think you can pull rank by claiming Abraham as ‘father.’ Being a child of Abraham is neither here nor there—children of Abraham are a dime a dozen. God can make children from stones if he wants. What counts is your life. Is it green and blossoming? Because if it’s deadwood, it goes on the fire.”
10 The crowd asked him, “Then what are we supposed to do?”
11 “If you have two coats, give one away,” he said. “Do the same with your food.”
12 Tax men also came to be baptized and said, “Teacher, what should we do?”
13 He told them, “No more extortion—collect only what is required by law.”
14 Soldiers asked him, “And what should we do?”
He told them, “No shakedowns, no blackmail—and be content with your rations.”
For Reflection
Some time ago, I saw a TV report on Japanese marriage ceremonies. It seemed at the time, that the Japanese were enamored with the Christian wedding ceremony and many newly-weds had married in that style — wedding dress, bride’s maids, Christian like ceremony, and of course the after wedding party. It was not that the loving couple was converting to Christianity, they just liked the style.
Many people adopt the style of Christianity with our adopting its substance. The rituals of baptism, communion, and church attendance, for some, is an insurance policy to cover the event that there really is a God!
To accept Christ is transformational event. An event that will not be consummated until one acts compassionately, justly and humbly for God’s sake. God wants more than lip service. He sacrificed himself on a cross to show you and I what it means to be a child of God. God loves us all; lip-syncers too! God’s passion is that we all should be obedient to His will.
that you will be an obedient child of God. Pray for the courage to seek justice, and engage in acts of compassion. Pray for all who have been transformed by the living God. Pray for those who resist full acceptance of the Way, that they may be truly reconciled to God and find the joy and peace that comes only from a life transformed by the passion to serve God.



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