Me and my best friend

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the story I am very happy to meet these 2 people. besides their unique character is also very interesting. we do not always get along sometimes we also like other people, sometimes good sometimes bad. but whatever it is they remain my best friend. crying laughing and doing silly things but still beautiful if with them I think they are both very rare can not even be bought with money or gold, my friend more expensive than money or gold. if I lose them then that is the worst thing I have done in this world. this is my short story if it is less pleasent apologies


Yang toh me yang toh my my best friend nyo dek.?? Nyak taturi😷😷

kapet mata bacut

gethat gepup dah ih. ho yang tanyo tik kawe gejak tik jeu gopnyan hahaha

Apa kawe kawe banyak air. Ya jeu lah. 😂😂😂

udeng ukuran lon boh keu umpen nyo. bek nejak tik umpen plet droneh. hhahah. mehai that pangkai nyo

Winda kita very beautiful wkwk

Athat na teuh.. wkwkwkwk