The beauty of a spider's body.

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Good night to all the steemians & eSteemians wherever you are.
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In this post, I share photos of spiders.
In general, everyone knows about spiders that we usually encounter making nests in the corner of the room or ceiling of the house.
But there are also groups of spiders that don't make nets. This group of spiders, usually live on land and trees and catch their prey by hunting.
While net-making spiders usually live in twigs of trees or in the corners of the walls of houses by making nets as traps for potential prey.


Spiders are other insectivorous predators and ambush, waiting for prey to pass nearby while hiding behind leaves, layers of petals, rock slits, or holes in the ground covered with camouflage.

There are some types of spiders that have a color pattern that disguises their body on the ground, rocks or tree branches, so there is no need to hide.

In the photo that I share is a large-sized spider species Nephila maculata, although it is still not as large as a Tarantula.


What caught my attention in sharing this type of spider photo, because the spider's body is in the form of a sword image, and I've rarely found this type of spider.

Here's the post today.
Hopefully it can become attentions.

by @kevirizal

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What a nice micro shot it is? Very nice

Have a good night. Sweet dreams

These ones make huge webs right? Big enough to catch birds?

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