Standing above the height, looking at all beauty.

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Good night to all steemians & eSteemians.
Have a nice day.

Sir Martin Convay once stated wise words, namely;
"Every peak you go to will teach you something".

To prove that statement, I tried to do it by climbing the peak on a hill.


After I climbed and reached the top of the hill, it turned out that what Sir Martin Convay said was true.

At the top of this hill, I found something extraordinary.
The beautiful scenery is clearly visible from the top of the hill.


Everything will be more clearly seen, if we stand above the height.

As a person who likes words of wisdom, this can be an inspiration for me personally.


Maybe for you, this is a good idea to often read wise words so that it can be a motivation and inspiration.


This is what I can say, although it is brief but solid.

by @kevirizal

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