Benefit's of Lemon

in esteem •  5 months ago


Lemon is a type of fruit that is rich in efficacy and benefits. In it contains various vitamins that can nourish our body. One of the most popular is drinking lemon with warm water can overcome various health complaints. And this is the benefit if you regularly drink lemon mixed with warm water, plus added with honey. Moreover drink it in the morning. Some of the components of lemon stimulate the production of bile in the liver, which is necessary for healthy digestion. In addition, lemons help the digestive system to remove toxins and unwanted substances from the body. Drinking a glass of warm lemon water daily can reduce the symptoms of indigestion such as belching, heartburn, and bloating. Healthy skin conditions and far look younger to be everyone's dream. The skin will be healthier if you drink warm lemon water every day. This is because lemon juice can encourage the growth of new blood cells, and purify your blood.

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