They are impressive, aren't they? Where is The World Clydesdale show held at?

Originally, they wanted to alternate between Canada and the US. I was at the first one in Carp, Ontario, not sure which year. In 2007, 2011, and 2018, they were in Madison, Wisconsin. My photos were from the one in London, Ontario in 2015. The 2021 show will be held in Brandon, Manitoba.

I am only 50 miles from Madison and have been unaware of that event! Sounds like fun!

I have 3 posts with draft horses. Here is the World Clydesdale Show.

That is an excellent post! They truly are incredible animals. Only 5000. I had no idea.

Are you just a fan, or are you involved with showing horses? Thanks for going back to find these for me! Your posts are very nicely done! I love seeing these!

Thank you. I am just a fan.

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