What would you do if you found 1000BTC

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At some point we all stop to think like illusions how our life would be if we had a lot of money, what things we could buy, how many people we could help. Life seems to take a very turn in our favor with the possession of many wealth we think. Soon that bubble of thought explodes and we return to reality, but things are not always as we imagine them because the imagination tends to always play in our favor in an exaggerated way and it is logical because we always imagine the perfect world at our convenience. Recently I found in a cryptocurrencies web portal a very interesting story and caught my attention so I took the interest of translating it to share it here in steem, at the moment I am finalizing agreements with the author to obtain permissions for publication, but while I want to offer this article so that it can serve as an imaginative stimulus and keep you alert for when the story is published (in case I can get permission from the author).


The introductory paragraph seems an impossible dream to fulfill, however cryptocurrencies have made it the reality of many, especially when BTC increased its value to over 1000% BTC holders came to have these riches in a way they never imagined. The crypto world is something uncertain because you don't know what the future brings and maybe it's what makes it wonderful for many because they like the emotion of an uncertain future.

I recently read a piece of news about QuadrigaCX in which it was announced that due to the death of its founder Gerald Cotten many millions of dollars would be lost in cryptocurrencies since the founder died with the passwords.

Imagine that one day someone could find these access keys to those millions of dollars, it sounds nice for whoever finds it but we must all remember that where there is movement of large amounts of money there is a high probability of there being mafias involved, the problem of money is that everyone wants it and the most powerful do not mind applying any method to remove the weak from the road (speaking in terms of science fiction and even sometimes in reality), then a great story could be written with these data. The story I mentioned at the beginning is based on a similar environment, and it is the one I will begin to share with you in the near future. While you tell me what would you do if you found 1000 BTC thrown in the street hidden in a disk?

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