It has been a wonderful day. Everyone left mid afternoon when it started snowing and they are all male safely home. Everyone who was going to be her tomorrow for lunch has canceled because of the predicted weather so I have no excuse for not commenting! I'm looking forward to it.

howdy again Melinda! I don't know about you. You'd rather comment than have a lunch date with your friends? That sounds like a serious addiction to me! lol. But I'm glad to hear that the weekend was wonderful. Do they ask how steemit is going or do they understand it?

My son says he hears a report on the price of various cryptos every morning when he is in the elevator of his office building going up to the 80th floor where he works. He said it makes him think of me every morning. Haha

Yeah I'm pretty sure that I am seriously addicted. But I'm okay with that!

Well I think it's a pretty healthy addiction Melinda and hopefully will be a great retirement fund builder for all of us.
80th floor! dang. What does he do again?

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