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Howdy Miss Lena! What a marvelous dish you prepared for us. The quinoa superfood and all the other wonderful ingredients make this so tasty with the mushrooms and peppers, and that pesto really makes it beautiful, wow! I don't think I've ever had pine nuts so I don't know what kind of taste that is. And what is Zoodless? lol. that sounds like a fun food!


Howdy Janton! It wouldn't be you if there wasn't at least one ingredient that you don't know, lol. Pine nuts are quite the delicacy. They are also very good on salads, but they are very expensive. Oh, and zoodless are noodles made of zucchini. They are made with spiralizer and they are even selling them in the supermarkets. Anyway, thank you so much, I am very happy you like it and I appreciate your wonderful comment 😊

haha! I get educated everytime I come to your posts Miss Lena so thank you. Ok, Pine Nus are real expensive so I'll wait until steem goes up before I buy them!
The zoodless sound very interesting and good. I think I would buy them just because of their name! lol. What a cool name.

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