The power of association

in #esteem2 years ago


Every one you move with in life would either influence you positively or negatively. This depends on their nature.

A lot of people who previously had the vision to do great things were not able to achieve it because of the people they chose to move with.

You are definitely who you associate with.

It is indeed very rare for you to see opposite people that are attracted together.

Show me a man who womanizes, and I would show you his friends who are alike.

Show me a diligent and fervent man and you would not be disappointed by the friends he keep.

Like minds move together. Birds of the same feather flocks together and a bad company would corrupt good manners.

Association determines how far you would go in life.

When you walk with visionaries, you would get inspired to be better.

When you get connected to those that are wise, there is every tendency that your foolishness would become your past.

Determine to move with the right people before it becomes too late.

Don't miss out on destiny because of friends that although make you happy now, won't make your future bright.

You have the choice to chose between these two types of people. Choose wisely.

*** Image source: pixabay