Get stronger than your excuses

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There are many reasons not to succeed
If you aspire to be great
Get stronger than your excuses
Cut them short
It might not be easy

It is not an easy task being hardworking
Taking one's work seriously and doing it well is not an easy task
There are lots of other fun things to do.

You would love to go to work today
But then it is raining
The atmosphere is cold
It is a weather for two
Definitely not for you and work.

You would love to follow your vision
You get inspired to try to make it work
No matter how much you try
Making it work is not an easy task
There are lots of distractions present.

You would love to be a great steemian
Writing quality articles is stressful
Interacting on the blockchain is not easy
The decrease in steem price is discouraging.

You would love to learn a skill
Serving someone is not an easy task
Learning it would reduce your sleep time.

We all have a lot of excuses
In order to succeed, learn to get stronger than them
Nothing good comes easily!

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