How about this? ❤

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Hi there, its another good day here, I hope everyone's doing fine,

It's about spring, about flowers, about colors, about gardening and about making a place look beautiful with the help of flowere and plants.




I liked how I organized that, very rare for me to approve of anything that I am involved in :D Did this only to get heave storm and rain the very next day and lose one of these. So far about all these plants have dried out. Not sure why, may be they have limited age or something to do with season. The good thing is that all the other plants on surface are still up and growing and doing very good. That is some relief, any ideas about the type of flowers I should have in these pots that could live out whole year ? Still figuring that out and finding time off to put new flowers in.

That's it for now
More to follow
Reposting it from weku @hananali

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