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Hello all steemmonsters lovers,

Hope you all are well.
How's your quest?

Mine was with Life Earth again.

Season has ended last day and now the after reset I am saying in Silver League. There was some bug in the game as everybody was surprised when there was no reset after the season end. I was trying f to complete the quest so that I can claim one more question in Gold III, but before I completely the quest it was resetted.

Here are the cards I got from quest


Total four card One rear and other three are common.

No luck for legendary not even in season end rewards.

Card pulled are mix of Fire, Neutral, and Watersplitter.

I tried to check rented market but not able to find the suitable (suitable to my budget and the level) cards.
Will check again as I am planning to play with rented cards form next one season at least.Lets see how far I can go.

Now my four summoners (Rare) are of lvl4 ☺😊

Here is current evaluation of my account.


Here is my current position in game.


I am a member of Team Possible Power Guild. To join the discord group click on link
You will find really nice people and informative too.

Thanks for stopping by my Post.

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Thanks to @minimining for delegated cards.

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I missed it all as I'm away from home at the moment so my account has reset as normal. 😊

Same here....
I was at office at that time and miss the train.....

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I also didn't complete my quest in time for the reset :0)

It was my office timing and when I reached home and try to complete the quest I was like one more win and claim the lottery but my bad lol

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Congrats on leveling up Summoners which are pretty expensive now. Well, every card is countable when it comes to leveling up so we can't say we got not good cards as a quest reward. Best of Luck!

Yes you are right, every card is good.
All my summoners are of lvl4 except Death in my main account.

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When there was a bug I completed my quest and claimed nice cards :joy: now its reset and we came back to earth lol

What cards you got?

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I got 1 epic along with 2 rare cards :) ;)

The downside to a season reset is going back to even less cards for the daily quests

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Yes and it is like boring....

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I hate being in mid quest too when the season ends. My strategy is to complete my quest, rank up as much as I can, then open the rewards. Hopefully I am able to rank up one or two levels and gain a few more reward cards.

What are you thoughts about playing with rented cards versus playing 50/50 split decks?

Thanka for comment.
I am already playing on alpha with lvl 6 cards (all cards are not matched with summoner but all are lvl6 common atleast).
If you have equal of better deck then definitely yes.
I start playing with rental cards only. And I love to play.

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What level cards are you looking to rent?

Mostly green suitable from lvl6 rare summoner.
I do you have some spare cards?

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Better late than never, When I joined SM I thought Im late but nah now I realize I was still on time. Though monster prices have hiked up a lot, you can still progress gradually. After all its a fun fighting monsters. 😁 Good luck

Yes very correct.

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Nice account growth! I tried to get a DQ completed before they reset as well, but didn't quite make it. I wonder if anyone managed to get a higher DQ reward. Probably someone did. Cheers!

@nain was quite fast to grab it.

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enjoy your journey with us


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I wish you easy way up and luck! If you want some free card or SBI (upvote for free), look on my active giveaway and contest :-)
Giveaway 1

I too missed my the quest before the reset. i've not yet tried the rental market. Go TP!!

Some time you get a very good deal at rental. Go and check in @peakmonster

You have my vote again, thanks to the Discord promoting group. Good luck with the game and a great weekend. 💕

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Thanks for reply

Earth quest seems like the easiest one to complete.

Good luck with building your deck.