eSteem Surfer 2.0.2 brings activities & more

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eSteem Surfer 2.0.2 post cover

Happy to deliver our fresh weekly build of Steem Desktop client for you. Application became handier to use and more precise in small details. We are polishing user interface, catching bugs and adding new features.


This week brings such a long awaited Activities page. That notification bell icon which you could have seen in our Surfer 2.0 preview sketches asking where is it in release. Now it's there. You can track all your account activities there such as who upvoted your posts, who commented, followed, sent you something etc.

Activities Screen


Plus we've added simple Leaderboard page as a separate tab there. For now it is showing Daily Top eSteem users - those who are doing a lot of activities via eSteem Mobile and/or eSteem Surfer apps. According to that leaderboard most active are getting rewards from eSteem. So you can track your records there and stay tuned we will add more features and bonuses there for you soon.

Leaderboard Screen

What is eSteem Surfer 2

It's a desktop client you can use on Windows, Mac or Linux to surf your steem friends feed/trending/hot/etc pages, upvote, comment, read replies, do all the other major Steem functionality in your daily social surfing as well as wallet actions and of course few extras: search, discover different tags, bookmarks, drafts, favorite authors, scheduling posts, etc.
Macbook Pro

What's New in Surfer 2.0.2

  • New Activities page
  • New Leaderboard page
  • New right click menu for copy & paste text
  • New tooltips for posts & comments showing full date
  • Improved Quick profile design
  • Improved App global top padding size
  • Improved Wallet page currency icons
  • Improved SVG rendering
  • Improved Style for links inside tables
  • Improved Edit button disabled for comments on post details page
  • Improved Addressbar & Navbar logo redirects
  • Improved text color for inputboxes nightmode
  • Improved Post comment number icon redirects to comments now
  • Improved Usermenu header alignment
  • Fixed Post scheduling
  • Fixed Search page
  • Fixed Post details date update issue
  • Fixed more bugs

Download Now

exe file for Windows users
dmg file for Mac users
deb and rpm files for Linux users

Source code:
Report bugs:


Looking for mobile experience?

Check eSteem Mobile for iOS and Android with push notifications, bookmarks, favorites and other handy functions synced with desktop version.

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Thank you for your review, @helo! Keep up the good work!

GREAT news!
Please carry on your development! We need you!

I am so lucky to have a chance to contribute into this project and to see how this great application grows and becomes better and better!

Thanks a lot!

Спасибо вам!

Glad to see that activities bell. I just started using esteem and was missing that feature.

Posted using Partiko iOS

Great, let me know if you have any suggestions/feature requests.

Since the upgrade I get an RC error when I try to claim rewards.

Awesome, thanks guys for your hard work.
Any chance of getting a spell check function in the word processor? My spelling sucks and I'm having to type up text in an external editor before pasting in eSteem.
Thanks again.

I'm in the same situation. Hope to see such a feature in the future.

I am dreaming about this as well!

We will add it next week's release for sure!

Wow, that'd be great!!

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cool, enjoying my use

Wonderful news! This will make me use my desktop more often! The mobile phone is very constricted by small fonts.

Thanks for sharing.

Posted using Partiko iOS

Our eSteem Mobile v2 is coming out this month, it should greatly improve your Steem experience combined with eSteem Surfer

Wonderful new improvements @good-karma I appreciate all your hard work and encouragement and I really enjoy posting in esteem surfer. Will download this version asap. I'm excited to learn that the spell check will be available next week! Yeah!!!!!

Thanks @trudeehunter! Glad to see your comment, latest release has Leaderboard feature, I can see that you are one of the top users daily. Thank you for that, let me know if you have any suggestions/feedback. :)

Thank you @good-karma I wasn't aware that I was amongst the top users so that was a nice surprise. I will need to keep an eye on it in future. I'm still having difficulty with the new versions of esteem surfer and have had to go back to the older ones.

esteem fast and easy in use, very helpful for user, hopefully always developing, @good-karma.

Why I can't post in @steemapp? Is there any posibility that I am banned?Please anybody would know.

Posted using Partiko Android

No, you're not banned. If you will explain a little bit more about your issue we can try helping. Before that would you please try to log out from eSteem Surfer or eSteem Mobile and log in back?

Ok Sir thank you so.much.
I will try it first to log out and log in again.

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Good work. Nice improvements! :)

One of the main reasons I like eSteem Surfer so much is the Activities-feature! Super awesome work! Super useful! Huge thank you! <3

Glad you like new changes! Make sure to use latest version always, as we improve and continue to add new features ;)

A lot of features already. That's great! 🍻

Been waiting for this! Cant wait to try it out :)

Also pls let us know about your future plans regarding SMTs? Assuming steeemit incs whitepaper is still relevant, do you plan on implementing account based voting? Thanks

Thanks for your comment! We will have eSteem token but metrics/specifics of token is not available yet, we are watching development of SMT closely though.

great 👍
i assume it's tough coming up with details when there's so many uncertainties. thanks for answering tho :)

My desktop app never works, Ive only been able to use it 3 times. And now I always get a error when I try to post. Pretty much gave up on Esteem sorry to say!

@adriansky I believe this is because you've used Steemconnect and login was expired. In recent version there was a fix for that but you have to log out from your logged in user in Surfer and log in back.

Please let me know if that works for you...

Yup that fixed the issue thanks @dunsky for the help. Didn't mean to some off rude was just getting frustrated lol I love the desktop app more then the Mobile one!

Glad it works! No problem, thanks a lot for reporting that otherwise it would be unsolved forever :)

eSteem Mobile v2 coming out this month that will work much better. And combined with eSteem Surfer, I think you will love it to create posts and drafts, bookmarks that will sync across your devices.

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WOW, you guys are CRANKING features! :) love it.

This app is amazing! @good-karma, is in the roadmap the place that we can manage the weight of votes in posts and comments?

Wow, this could be even better, I have recently started using esteem app and a web version would really add a lot to that, thank you for the work sir

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thank you very nice

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Thanks Mr.@good-karma
Yours suport yo my post
Ok good job for you

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