eSteem - Spotlight, top users and giveaway #12

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Thank you kind sir 😊 I realy enjoy using your app - keep on the good work 😎

Steem on :)

Congratulations to all of the winner

Congratulations to all of the winner

Krueseumangat selamat kepada seluruh pemenang dan sudah terpilih menjadi yang terbaik dari @good-karma

Congratulations to all the winners.... Thanks @good-karma for being so generous to the esteem app users... esteem Rocks!

Yeah a big congratulations to them my friend, you see the name @good-karma has explained his generosity. esteem sure rocks!!!

You are always here to help and make this place a better space for everyone. Thank you so much for that. ;)

Hi, I tried now the eSteem app, but there is always very much lag and mostly it seems to have problems to connect to the Server and thus only a white page comes up.
Which Server should I be using inside of Germany ?
Many thanks.
Regards, Stefan.

Occasionally servers crashes or has downtime, maintenance... that's why you see white page, you can select from predefined server list and check if you see green checkmark after selection indicating that server is ok and responsive.

hi,@good-karma sir i can not get your vote.i always use esteem.but i can not get your vote....plzz upvote me

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esteem is one of the best apps I've ever seen since I started using android phones. The part that trips me most is that it does not hang. Never! Even blogs which takes forever to load if you access it via , loads smoothly with esteem without stress . please keep up in your good works

Sorry, but you know..!
IMG_20180424_225303.jpgIn this latest version. ; 1.6.0
To be honest, I and almost everyone in the world are very grateful and very helpful because of the presence of your application,{esteem app}.
I have used it from the first time I know Steemit.
Thanks so much.
But, you know, I always pay attention to your application. And on this version, I found two things (gaffe).

  1. On this Version, There are some features that really help us especially me that has been omitted.
    Yap... Voting (%), It's no longer in the latest version this time.
    Though it is one of the features we need most for smartphone users.
    Until now...
    I'm still using the old version and I never update again because I'm scared of those things, but we here really want to feel new features and updates.
    2.On this Version, Application speed stability is not very good.
    Compared to the previous one.
    Sorry I do not mean to disdain but I just hope that the things I say are heard and responded well.

Yes, I am getting mostly white screens only and connection speed is very slow..
Which server should one use ??
Many thanks.
Regards, Stefan.

I hope @good-karma would like to reply to this comment as a form of appreciation.

yes.. I agree....!!!

You can tap and hold 0.5 seconds on any voting button to get slider. Speed and performance improvements are being applied with each update, stay tuned for future releases

Thanks I'll give it a try.

Congratulations to them, they should keep up the good work. I have a quick question, does esteem works properly on other iPhones , cause it’s not working on my phone. Please do I need to make any settings to my phone? Any ideas please , thanks in anticipation

Delete and download again or upgrade your iOS. This will surely help

this is a very good thing @good-karma, because then it will be many other users who will use esteem application. which has been disappointed with the absence of the presence of the voice @good-karma and other esteem friends in every post using esteem at least already have a better intention to re-use esteem. This is very fun and thank of luck

thank you for the information greeting success always

Wow, awesome project

The important things that you have talked about are very dignified and this community has many important examples or reflections in each of your sentences, so it is really important for this community.

I must get this reward someday. I love using the esteem app because of its flexibility and the brains behind this app, a lot of integrity.

I like this project

artiel nice ,,please support his vote

thank you very very much @good-karma for your contribution .....

among the good, there must be the best. congratulations for the selected writers to be the winners.

Thank you for notification we will always try our best @good karma

steady good-karma we are here always waiting for you. a good solution and can fix his self

Really good sir , this is important to our who join here on steemit , and I will respect of your try sir.

Very nice your post,i support,good job my brother,@good-karma

Success for eSteem


We do not grieve there might be a chance in the next day.What's up to @good-karma

information that is very important for us beginners, thank you @good-karma

information that is very important for us beginners, thank you @good-karma

Congragulation for winner..

Congratulations to all winners

İyi gunler

Esteem paylaşımından neden oy alamiyoruz

Congratulations to all the winner

thank you for the information that the very successful success



I am very motivated with this kind of program I am more enthusiastic in making a better post

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Thank You! ⚜

a fun award,will also try to get his, good-karma thanks, has blessed @cutriska

I stay true to esteem, thanks also To a @good-karma say I always give my @nasrol create upvote.
Hopefully the esteem of the world leader in still Steemian.

good post thanks for information..

I stay true to esteem, thanks also To a @good-karma say I always give my @nasrol create upvote.
Hopefully the esteem of the world leader in still Steemian.

attractive prizes,👍

good night pak @ good-karma, this post is useful for all of us. hopefully esteem application is always glorious and friendly.

Good-karma very cheerful if you get appreciation from you, @alfaalhafis, want your blessing in this esteem, thank you


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eSteem randomly voting, do not give up easily
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Thank you very much @good-karma!

Point of view is so good

Hello bg good

Hello bg good


Terikasih banyak @good-karma

Ini adalah awal baru saya mencoba mengikuti seperti langkah mereka sebagai pemenang, nilai yang luar biasa partisipasinya.

Saya senang bisa mengikuti dan berkenalan dengan anda, karena anda dan teman-teman anda adalah saksi yang baik hatinya.

Salam hormat dari dari saya @edinhazard

Thanks for information i like it

Hi good karma😀

Thank you for your kind hearted @good-karma! As new to this community, I need to learn a lot of things and explore more about this.

And to all the blessed winners congratulations to all!

Before I apologize, I need more help for my steemit likes, and right now I'm learning to win steemit, please help me, my name is oriyabaik.

we will help you as much as possible

Pos sekali ya Kwan..

24 hours ago you don't send me 15 SBD sir

It is sent out few minutes ago

Thanks for your response sir
I love your app esteem
And I hope next time my posted is above 1500

Esteem has given a new life to such unhealthy, young people, unemployed people. I am thankful to Esteem. I am very poor person. I have five children, I do not have the costs for education and training. From and on behalf of Good-Karma, help with my voting. I will be grateful to your life. Those who help others. God helps them.

thank you for the information @ good-karma we are very proud of you because you are very good person

Thanks for your response sir

thanks for the top commenters category..!!

and let me resteem your post ("-")

although I have no strength, but I have upvote and resteem to tell others that this article is very useful for all of us

Selamat malam pak @good-karma mohon vote saya.

I am not impressed with Esteem Desktop app, for both Windows and Linux. Even wrote a negative review about it on my blog here. That is in stark contrast to the Android app, which is the best of 3 different Steem apps I tested and that I like a lot.

Steem will start to have some competition this year, I'm curious how the activity will change on the platform :)

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Congratulations for all winners. Thanks @good-karma for making a contest.

Thanks for sharing valuable post.
I continue follow your post.
I appreciate your post @good-karma

Congratulations for all winners, Thanks @good-karma

Congratulations to all winners.

thank you, witness @good-karma.

when is the award about the coffee contest ..? thank

I get to use esteem for all my Posts you can check my profile @good-karma

Selamat untuk semua para pemenangnya

I'm always having trouble with comments.

Good-karma my witness

Good-karma my witness

wow it is very good. i hope i get that

Nice, good luck sir

Congratulations to all the winners, hopefully the future is better and more winners.

I congratulate the chosen ones. I also want to get them

this is a very good thing @ good-karma, because then it will be many other users who will use esteem application. which has been disappointed with the absence of the presence of the voice @ good-karma and other esteem friends in every post using esteem at least already have a better intention to re-use esteem. This is very fun and thank you.

Congratulations to all or to winner

Bagi kawan semua.jangan lupa dukung saya di steemit

Congratulations to all or to winner