eSteem - iOS v1.4.2, Claim rewards, beneficiaries, language, bug fixes

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Today I have heard good news from Apple AppStore about new release of eSteem mobile that it was approved and available to download and update. iOS version has same feature set as Android release expect few design and bug fixes specific to iOS users. Features like, claim rewards, beneficiaries, new language additions, performance improvements, bug fixes. More detailed changelog info is given below.

Translation contribution

If you want to translate eSteem app to your native language, or review app and let us know what words/phrases on translations can be improved, please join direct link for translation team: We have also rewarded Russian and German, Polish and Greek, Spanish and Chinese (traditional), Hungarian and Bulgarian, Chinese simplified and Swedish, Indonesian, Malay and Ukrainian contributors with help of community, other language contributors will also receive rewards with next translation update post.

What's new

  • You can claim your outstanding rewards from Wallet page
  • Beneficiaries, from this version eSteem mobile has esteemapp account as a beneficiary for every comment/post made through it. As a trial run for next 30 days, 1% of the reward is shared with esteemapp and used for further development of the project. I hope Steemit will also introduce beneficiaries to bootstrap competition among different Steem apps.
  • Arabic language and contributor has been added
  • Long waited, right to left UI support is implemented for Arabic, Hebrew and Persian language users.
  • Czech, Portuguese, Indonesian, Dutch, Serbian languages received update.
  • Overlay for nsfw tags by default (Due to AppStore and Google Play regulations, overlay will be enabled always by default)
  • steem-js integration
  • Fixed posts title wrapping
  • Fixed back button exiting app on Android
  • Login improvements when chain is changed
  • Upvote option for new post creation
  • Currency update bug fix
  • Many improvements on navigation.
  • Fix on small bug of beneficiaries when post/comment is edited
  • Performance improved, I am quite happy with new performance improvements on this version. I hope you will feel them as well. But don't just take my word for it, try it out yourself ;)

Thank You to all contributors and translators! eSteem supports multi-currency, multi-language, multi-account, multi-chain, multi-notifications!


AppStore - iOS (iPhone, iPad) - v1.4.2 Google Play - Android - v1.4.2
Get eSteem on AppStore Get eSteem on Google Play

What's next

Started to work on v1.4.3 and you can see changelog in our github that some of the small fixes already on a way. If you find any new issues, please report them here:

  • Design improvements (coloring, edges, fonts)
  • Material design patterns will be followed and improved.
  • Internal exchange, with charts
  • Improve user flow, on discussions
  • Tag lists for quick access

While there are few other new features I have in mind, those will come as we progress, desktop app development is moving forward. There will be sneak preview, hopefully next week, where I will try to share some early screenshots so that you can see what new eSteem desktop will look like..

Make sure to leave review and feedback on Apple AppStore and Google Playstore as well as ProductHunt.

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As I'm just about to get my iPad PRO, these updates are getting me very exciteteted! ;) Thanks


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Just downloaded to my iPad Pro. Thanks for a dark theme! Image loading is disruptive to user currently. Shouldn't images cache and only be seen as user scrolls?


You can view posts without images as well to save on bandwith. Currently they load as you scroll down, more posts are fetched and images are loaded directly. Internet speed is also one factor to consider if image loading is lagging. Images also get cached once they are loaded and if you change filter or use pull down to refresh features that caches is cleared to keep app cleaner and faster

Just did a download and logged in. Looks great and is fast.

But I got a few errors on upvoting and reblog


Great @detlev, Would you mind sharing error messages or screenshot?
It would help us to tackle issue and fix it with next release... Thanks!


will do so..... But later


ok, thanks! ;)

I started to enjoy posting from this app but when I need to edit later I can't find the mark down options on my safari browser. I still try to get more used to posting via App. I really like it that I can upload pictures directly. Keep up the great work @good-karma

I updated but my phone wont load past the start screen.


Hey @darkflame,
Thank you for reporting, that's strange behaviour indeed.
Can you try to reinstall? What was the device, Android or iOS?




So reinstall didn't help?! I have tried multiple times to uninstall and install fresh version, it is working. I am unable to reproduce issue...

Excellent post!! thank you for sharing

I love esteem and I have got it in PlayStore, an application that is nice and always available updates, I found few obstacles in using it, sometimes fail to write a comment or failed to vote. This is an update on my phone error


Hi @muth, Thank you for your feedback! Do you have any error messages or screenshot that can help us identify the issue?!

Nice to read this, I think with this development many steemians will enjoy using eSteem. Nice ! :)