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Good day and welcome to my blog...

Today being the third day of this new month, July (the second half of the year).
I wish you all the best of the year, and am so sure this month would be a blessed one....

Every good plan is as a result of both execution and preparation...

At beginning of the year, we all had goals which we had targets to meet and also other stuffs we really wanted to do..
Many of us would have gotten some of it, some would have gotten maybe little or nothing at all. There's this trend in the beginning of the year, where people pen down their every goal.
This serves as a motivation, it constantly reminds us of that written goal, making us always strive to meet up the set goals.. With hard work, we may meet the goals for some...
But then, there's a possibility that the goal may not be actualized because there was no adequate preparation for it.

**Preparation ** is the action or process of making something ready for use or service or of getting ready for some occasion, test, or duty. Source.
This involves how much efforts you have to put in, to achieve what you have in mind. Every goal is not just achieved by mere imaginations, but by efforts and work in line with the goals.

To achieve your goals, you need more of preparation and then execution...
You have to prepare a 100 time more than the actual execution...


Just like a footballer, he practises for almost every single day, for a 90 minutes match.
Same as the tennis player and also all artists.
They put in so much of their time, building and improving their skills. Make put so much effort in their preparation than the actual execution because the execution is basically outcome of your preparation.
You can't execute better than you have prepared.


It's never too late to achieve those goals so that preparing yourself for the goals you've planned to achieve...


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As the saying goes fail to plan, plan to fail.
Planning is key to the accomplishment of any endenvour.

True talk @korexe..
Thanks for reading my post...

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