Now began to appear strong tendency

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Did you know, the above phrase is part of Mohammed's speech
Hatta in the hearing of BP KNIP on September 2, 1948. The speech was
substantial is the initial thinking which then becomes the forerunner
Indonesian foreign policy is actively free. On September 2, 1948,
as Vice President concurrently Prime Minister and Minister of Defense
Mohammad Hatta gave information to the KNIP Workers' Body
about the political position of the State of Indonesia at that time RI faced various
difficulties are not small. Negotiated negotiations with the Dutch
by the UN Commission of Three States is severed. From domestic opposition from
the People's Democratic Front (FDR) action led by Muso intensified.
To fend off attacks directed to the Indonesian government,
held a meeting of BP KNIP. Regarding the conflict between the United States
and the Soviet Union in the cold war of that era, the fraction of the PKI FDR in the Agency
Workers urged that RI choose the Soviet Union. Related to pressure
Hatta stated that Indonesian politics did not choose this pro or pro
it is, instead choosing its own way to achieve independence. Since
Hatta's explanation is that Indonesian foreign policy is called free politics and
active. Free means determining your own path, unaffected by parties
anywhere else; active means towards world peace and friendship with
all nations.
In a world situation split in two Blocks, the United States and the Union
Soviet, who tried to include newly independent countries
post World War II into their respective blocks, Indonesia
has had a firm stance, as Hatta puts it in
his speech. Although today the cold war is over and the world is not
split in two blocks, does not mean the challenge for Indonesia ends as well.


Now began to appear strong tendency of the emergence of the People's Republic of China
as a force that can confront the United States and make it possible
Indonesia is faced with choice or affect our active freedom. By
therefore the essence of Hatta's speech is still relevant to anticipate
problems arising from inter-political conflict of interests

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