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I posted a banana leaf meal the other day, and this is a different one in a different Indian restaurant in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

See if you can eat all this. (You can't.)

Eat with your hands or utensils

Close your leaf when you are done or more food will keep coming.

I used my HMNOTE 1LTE mobile phone for these photos.

My post today is for the worldsdailyfood contest by @travelsby blue and I am posting to the Sunday contest, where anything goes!

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Eh! Isn't that @danielwong ?

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Haha! You are correct, @davidke20! I was not even thinking but I should have tagged. I caught him at a good moment :)


Well, abstain just begun yesterday! 40 days of dial down food intake. Let's make banana leaf rice great again!

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What? i this a food holiday time in Malaysia? I want to eat, not abstain. I could go for some of this right now, as a matter of fact :)


Why not? 🙂 My workplace surrounding have lots of these.

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Would love to try that.

What is busy you mention? A tag?
Are tags useful if there is no way to search for tags?

I tried some other apps but with most I can not load/read messages at al.

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