Backwards Wednesday Walk Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

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When I first moved to my Kuala Lumpur Malaysia neighborhood, I used to buy this wonderful pork a couple of times a week. I no longer use the kitchen in my condo, and feel longing when I see these nice people instead.

The round thing by the lady is a slice of tree with a cleaver on it. The man in the chair will get up and chop though bones and big hunks of meat when needed. Otherwise, she is on her own for the small cuts.

This cart is the last in the morning wet market so it does not disturb Muslim customers who want to buy any other items at the daily event.

tggr 1030 IMG_20191026_083253_HDR.jpg

This is my selfie in the condo parking lot mirror to help people see in their cars. I am resting while getting ready to climb the hill and became entertained by myself.

tggr 1030 IMG_20191026_082710_HDR.jpg

"Remove your shoes, or mop the floor."

Words to live by in SE Asia.

This Buddhist Shrine was just refreshed a few days ago and they laid marble tile. I see this off my balcony and pass it daily. It is very well used.

The smell of incense comes into my room sometimes from here.

tggr 1030 IMG_20191026_082411_HDR.jpg

This is a new garden for the shrine property. It was just grass here a few days ago.

This photo is for @myjob to show her the mold on the condo walls. It's just like this everywhere in the tropics unless you take daily action.

tggr 1030 IMG_20191026_082450_HDR.jpg

The pink pyramid is the wall of my condo property about 20 feet over my head. The concrete with sticks is part of the new highway they are building, as is the thing with holes, and the flat thing to the right.

Way off in the distance is a crane building a condo I can't see from here. I can see it rising from my balcony when I feel like gawking over the rail.

tggr 1030 IMG_20191026_082348_HDR.jpg

You just saw a little piece of a backwards walk so I could put the "food" pic on top of the post. I was going to get my takeaway breakfast at 7 am, and we did not get too far in this part of it.

My post today is for Wednesday Walk by @tattoodjay and Snapfeed Contest 19 by @tggr. It is funny at a time in my life that I barely walk, I now have two places to post photos of me doing so while "noticing things". Thank you both for getting my arthritic body out the door with purpose. You really give me a boost.

I used my HMNOTE 1LTE mobile phone for these photos.

I won the Conference Fee to STEEMFest in Bangkok!

Just the other day, I got this great news. I was going to be in Bangkok anyway for a necessary Visa trip, but now I will really be at STEEMFest in a few days.

I am still fundraising to get there and I need help. I think I need about $85 more in USD and will have that number soon to do a countdown with it, lol.

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A cool walk and I remember dealing with the mold which comes os quickly in tat environment

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)