Earthquake remembrance! (100 word micro fiction challenge)

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There's been a lot of really great intensive research into earthquakes, but we can't predict an earthquake down to the day. We can't predict where a hurricane is going to be a month in advance. Carrie Nugent

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Now I participate again in the challenge of @thewritersblock

This week's Introducing Our 100-Word Micro-Fiction Contest!

I participate by the invitation of my friend @creatr

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Earthquake remembrance!

by @felixgarciap

Last Wednesday afternoon I went with my wife to visit my friends.

They received us with affection and offered us a cup of delicious Brazilian coffee.

We began to talk, being one of the topics of the global economic crisis.

After fifteen minutes without warning our seats began to vibrate imperceptibly and then with more force we all shouted to the unison EARTHQUAKE.

When we left, we saw the street lamps swinging. The people reflected panic in their faces, all outside the buildings commented on the event.

So we quickly say goodbye to our friends and return to our home.


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Do not despise the memories of the past

Treasure them in the heart!

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taza de café

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I need to get me some of that Brazilian coffee. 😎

I enjoyed your story, @felixgarciap. Earthquakes are frightening. There is that moment before you realize what is happening. And then it disrupts whatever you are doing at the time. You captured that well.


Thank you very much for your extensive comment. I am delighted to share with the community of fifty words. Receive my appreciation @jayna.

nice story but I don't see the prompt words? Maybe I just don't understand where it is. But a nice stroy


Hi @purpledaisy57 You're right but I told you that the editor of esteem and steemit's didn't allow me to place the tag #100words because it starts with a number and not a letter. I'm glad you liked my story, it was real. Receive my affections.