Meet up at simpang mulieng city

in #esteem2 years ago

this time I want to share stories about meetings at the Mulieng intersection, with friends who are older than my age. why do I like sharing with people who are older than me? because based on their life experience we can take advantage and something wise from them. what problems we have just faced but they have passed it even a few times. So people older than us have more experience than we have. the journey of life that we go through day by day, both in a state of joy and sorrow. everything is a test of life, just like a leader. they need an advisor in making decisions, so do we who are young, we need people who can advise on what is happening to us. because we are not leaders, we must seek and associate with people who are wiser than us.


they are all our seniors who are different in class and age is very far away. the aphorisms that come out of the mouth of the wise are very valuable lessons for all of us. look for friends who can lead us to the better, stay away from friends who make evil in our lives. Simpang mulieng 09 October 2018



Sampai jumpa di meet up esteem di simpang mulieng, ngopi bareng bersama esteemian di Jambo Diruy milik @altafalazzam

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