Don't Complain, Improve The Situation!

in esteem •  6 months ago

When situation doesn't favor, complain not. Accept it and work on it to improve it. Accepting the situation will enable you to come up with the best strategy to turn it around to your favor.

Feeling defeated will only worsen the situation. So accept the fact that you are here now, find power in your acceptance and work with that power to turn the situation around to your favor. No one is ever defeated unless he accepts so. The mind that continues to seek solution perpetually will eventually find it. This is the fact of life.


Assume full responsibility if the situation does not suit you. Then take up the responsibility of improving the situation. Don't apportion blames. Blaming other is a waste of energy. Rather, find solution in acceptance and dedicate yourself to improving the situation.
Speculating how things would have been different is a waste of valuable scarce time. Rather, commit your time towards taking actions that are channeled towards transforming the situation in a more positive, favorable way.

Spend your energy in making progress and not in resentment. So make it your decision to work round the clock to add value than apportioning blames. Blaming doesn't bring success.


Take it upon yourself that you are in this situation to make a difference rather than to throw blames. Look deep, think deep, and identify the best possibilities to help turn the situation to blessing instead of a course.

Yours truly,


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