eSteem Monthly Guest Curation Program #3

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The 2nd edition of the eSteem Monthly Guest Curation Program was a great success, and we really found it tough to pick curators from all the great applications that we received. In the end, an awesome duo of Guest Curators joined our team and did a fabulous job during their term. It is now time to commence the 3rd edition of the Guest Curation Program, giving a chance for new eSteemians to learn the ropes of curation and in the process also grow their own profiles. on the blockchain

Our eSteem encouragement program has been encouraging and rewarding users of the eSteem surfer and eSteem mobile apps over the past several months, and many users have been curious about the curation program and the job our curators do.

Curators have to navigate spam, abusive accounts and those trying to game our encouragement system, to find genuine users and deserving content to reward, encourage and appreciate.

Since curation is an integral part of the steem ecosystem, the Guest Curation Program is an initiative to allow dedicated eSteem users to learn more about curation, and in the process help support several other eSteem users as well as grow their own profile on the steem blockchain.

How To Apply

We have a growing and thriving discord community, so join us on the eSteem Discord if you haven't already, and fill up the form pinned in the #🏁-curator-internship discord channel.

About Guest Curator Program

  • 2 Guest curators will be appointed every month for a period of 30 days.

  • Selection will be based upon responses received in the questionnaire. It would be desired for the user to be a dedicated eSteemian and the decision of the selectors is final.

  • The rules to be followed and perks for being appointed as a Guest Curator will be shared upon selection.

  • As a curator, it is expected that you have a desire to help the community, spread some love, cheer and goodwill among users of eSteem. And also, have the ability to identify and report abuse.

  • If the guest curator is found to be abusing the granted role and powers, it will lead to immediate removal from the program.

  • If you are not selected as a Guest Curator, you may reapply again in the next cycle. But a selected Guest Curator can apply to the program again only after the end of 60 days (i.e. 2 cycles after their selection).

We are looking forward to hear from you! Join Discord and show your curation skills to be part of the eSteem curator team.

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The experience has been worthwhile so far!
Proud esteemian ❤️

Long time no see karma...

good news!
i may apply to this , will think about it 😄

I like this program, thank you to @good-karma

Thanks you updete @esteemapp

I'm not active enough to take part in this (I don't have internet access everyday) but I love that you choose 2 people to curate every month. It encourages community building~

I have previously applied but probably didn't get any feedback.

Love you guys.
Keep up the good work.

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Hey @esteemapp, I have filled out the form that was pinned at #-curator-internship a few minutes ago.

Hopefully I can be considered to be part of a great team ... I can't wait for the next announcement ...😁

A proud esteemian, will try this soon, hope to qualify

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Hey check my last post!

I like this program



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