Autumn is a very generous season

in esteem •  4 months ago

Hello my friends!

Autumn is a great time for taking pictures. As you know, I am not a professional photographer but I and my sister are fond of taking pictures. We went with her a walk today and I took these photos. Everything is so bright around - leaves are getting yellow and red. The weather is very sunny today so they look especially beautiful in the sun. We have an Indian summer in my city now so there are a plenty of moms in the streets who walk with their kids. People do their best not to lose an opportunity to enjoy last summer rays. It is sad I have to spend most of the days at work and can`t walk very often but I am looking forward to Saturday. It will be my day off so I am planning to take my little son and walk along the seaside. It is not hot in Odessa anymore so the sea air is especially fresh. There are no tourists anymore and the shore is almost empty. You can listen to the sound of waves and enjoy life. I am going now and wish you a great Wednesday my friends!)




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