We should take care of brothers and sisters in need

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Both the Old and New Testaments lay down the same teaching.

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God does not want us to be poor or in distress. If there is poverty and
distress among us, it may be that we have held our money too tightly.
The more we love ourselves, the more we will be hungry. If the
money question is not solved, nothing is solved. To whomever
money looms big, the threat of poverty is near. I may not be able to
testify to other things, but to this I can testify; the tighter one holds
on to money, the poorer he becomes. May we release our money and
allow it to be in circulation doing miracles for God.
The cattle on a thousand hills and the sheep on ten thousand hills
all belong to God. Who but a fool would think he must earn them?
All we need to do is to bring our all to God. We should send money
out as soon as it comes in. We should take care of brothers and
sisters in need. To hoard for ourselves is foolishness. The way of a
Christian lies in giving. Let all the money in the church be living
money. Then when you are in need, God will perform miracles, even
sending the birds of the air to supply you.

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