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Good evening everyone there was a rumor that Philippe Coutinho will move back to Liverpool but as it stands now Tottenham has made a bid for a loan to take Coutinho to Tottenham. They made a bid of £21m and they are likely to have him on their team this summer. Coutinho was signed to Barcelona at the sum of £142m and the Barcelona team want to take him on loan for a while so Tottenham has place their bid fo lr Coutinho. When he comes to Tottenham he will also be the top earner in Tottenham because he will be receiving £200,000 every week and this will be a great opportunity for Coutinho to move to Tottenham.
Barcelona will also be heading to USA for their pre season match but Messi will miss the match. This is because he has been injured during his first training session after his break from the Copa America cup. He will be off for a while but as now we don’t know the number of days he will be gone. Just stay tune and i will bring you more updates. Thank you for your time

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