Believe in the new beginnings.

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New beginnings are often scary. But life is a constant change so beginnings will be an important part of life. By this date I thought I would be living in Colombia and that everything would be fine. Well, I'm still in Venezuela but trusting that God's time is perfect!

Life is wonderful and will always give us reasons to be happy. Here I am fighting for what I want and trusting that the new beginnings that are to come will make me happy and help me grow professionally. I guess being in this country in times of crisis will leave an important teaching in my life. Whenever I observed these beautiful flowers, it filled me with hope and made me think that everything would be fine. What do you think of the new beginnings? And that sometimes it is not what we want that everything has its time.

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good topic


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You have to keep thinking positive. Do what you have to to get through each day. You are a strong young lady. :)

Day by day I work to get closer to my goal. Thank you for your dear darling