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nothing to hold on but falling to the ground when the time has come.

Today is one of the day, when I feel like nothing seems right, everything needs to be fixed, the right time to shout out


But... I have no reason to do that😂. I just feel like I want to cry and to laugh out loud at the same time, sleeping and playing at the same moment. No Rain, so I can't hide under the sun😊.

In the past, when I faced a situation like this, I'd just strolling around the traditional market to enjoy the crowd and watching people's passes by or reading a 1000 pages novel for a 24 hours till all the unpleasant feeling subsided.

But... I can't do that anymore, Now😊 i can't let the "things related to Hormonal probs" took a chance on me 😅 and drags me to the dark side of "my world".

Funny that the fact while I'm playing steemmonsters not really helps to cope with this feeling😯 talking to my cat Lemon was not working too. I have a happy chat on discord with my teammates, but still.. the dark cloud covers my sight😬.

It will be 24 hours since it started and I think I knew the "source of the problems" too😁. Unbelievable😄

  1. I feel bad because I didn't engage much last week.
  2. I feel bad because I haven't create 4 crappy posts a day last week.
  3. I feel bad because I set up some auto-vote 😂😂😂 which ended up as I upvoted my own posts too.
  4. I'm 98 SP short to my minnowhood, but I haven't make any planning what to do after that 😂
  5. I think it's about the time to look back and make a review on my strategic planning on steemit😊
  6. I need to find a way to stop "bad internet connection" ruins my day 😈
  7. I Need to Stop Now and watching the football match live on TV😄

see you soon😉

When you have a bad day, don't think it's the end of the world, it's just another day and this too shall pass😉

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Did you try to go out and take some fresh air and be alone for some minutes... Looking at nature, water or something else which can give you a relaxing feeling...

It will pass for sure, hang on there @cicisaja ;)

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Thank you @lion200 😊

It won't work on me If I go out and took my me time somewhere not in my bedroom 😊 I'm Afraid I'd hurt others with my fierce eyes 😅. It's been 5 years I never had it😅

I just hope that the result of football match tonight won't set a fire on my head 😖


So which match we have to look out for? So that we are prepared for your volcanic eruption 😂😂

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😂😂😂 it's Indonesia U-23 National FT against Vietnam now 😉 But I think the result won't do much too... Hubby lets me use the laptop to complete my other mission 😆 thank you for your concern @lion200.. you really make me LOL

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I do not know what exactly happened to you, but I will pray to God for your good feelings.

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Thank you so much @himalayanwomb 😊 I'll be fine after the 24 hours pass. I need to be at this stage to find out.. what's wrong in my way. I'll be back to my track as always.

#3. I feel bad because I set up some auto-vote 😂😂😂 which ended up as I upvoted my own posts too.

I know that feeling!! I decided to accept them @cicisaja, I’m autovoting some trails also. So, when the curators come through and Upvote me, with a trail my account is chasing, I’m just thankful and I accept it—like a business owner paying theirself, that’s one way I justify it, another is:

I’m really not sure how many authors my account hits a day because of the trails I’m on but it has to be around 20. That’s 140/week (or) 560 Upvotes per month by autofiring, which, by the way.. big shout-out to, where was I??

Ah, yes, 560 Upvotes/month! At that amount of Upvotes, if two or three Upvotes happen to come my way in a month by way of curation trail—I can accept with those numbers.

But I know what you mean! As far as the other 6 issues you’re having, yeah, I got nothin... 😉


😂😂😉 the problem is... this trail i'm following will always vote any of my posts @dandays 😂 and it would be a bad news for my engagement league😯 I'll increase the number of self-vote each week and that's not good for my growth too😆

But.. I think once I touch my minnowhood, I'll join more trails too😆.. you have everything in that 1 and the other 6 were nothing too😊 I feel good now.. 😅 you make me laugh too

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Being alone or un-happy is not a bad thing it doesn't mean that your un-wanted or anti-social being alone some times means you need time to yourself and there are a handful of benefits that emerge once you learn to embrace solitude the state of being alone without being lonely but searching for inner growth or enjoyment of some kind it will pass and you will find yourself again.

Hold you head up and have a great week my friend :)


Thank you @hangin 😉 it's all in the past now😊 I made it and survived 😉 you know... Woman Thing😀 Im glad that I can have that feeling😊 which mean that I'm all human, not a bot😆

I always find a way to be a loner without being lonely, gimme books and steemmonsters, all set up😉. Thanks for stopping by and your encouraging message😍 Have a great week to you too


I am glad you survived it no matter what we all get them days and you done well coming back that's the main thing. Have a great week my friend :)


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