@dreemsteem 50SBI Giveaway Competition Entry

in esteem •  7 months ago

They say seeing is believing but I think Dreeming is believing and she believes in the power of SBI and so do I. This little social experiment has become all the rage on the Steem blockchain and rightly so.

It's hard for a redfish to make it off delegation and make a mark for themselves in this world and a little boost and regular votes of encouragement never hurt.

Giveaway time

So @dreemsteem is currently running a competiton and double dared me to enter since one of the competition mechanisms was my idea so I decided since I clearly make the rules I'll do things differntly and enter multiple competitons in one post and do a shameless plug of SBI. Why not?

My competition entry


SBI stands for

  • Standard Baking Inspection
  • Silent Boogyman Investigator
  • Secret Beer Institute


  • Easy one: I'm black, I'm white, some call me racing stripes. What am I?
  • Hard one: I'm all around but cannot be seen, I can be captured but cannot be held, I can do not have a voice but I can be heard. What am I?


I would like to nominate both @brendanvanbreda and @brendonmay. I made them Steemit believers recently and they are still finding their way in this world. A little extra income on their posts for life would do well to encourage them to keep at it

My HAPPY Entry

What really makes me happy is seeing grown ass folk who should have some more common sence get super excited about free internet money. It's the closest thing we have to magic in this world right now, Steemit is our Hogwarts!

What on earth is SBI?

If you want to know more about SBI check out their steemit account @steembasicincome or their introduction post

Win your share SBI

If you want to get in on the action and try your luck at winning some SBI check out the following links

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Waaaaaaaahhh! Why did i not thought of this before!! Bahahaha.. yeah it does not hurt to put all your entries in one post.. clever idea!

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LOL thanks it’s amazing what you can come up with when you’re lazy! bill gates said I like to hire lazy people because they find ways to do things faster and easier! Not sure it always works out that way but I did the sentiment behind it

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hahahahahahahaha well they SOMETIMES can.

and other times - you can kick yourself in the ass because you hired them in the first place hahahahahaha


yes that's so smart!!!! i loved this idea !!!! easy for me to find too :)


Exactly!!! Its brilliant! Hahaha laziness sometimes do paid off

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What I cool idea lets call it #multientryforacontest .... hahahahahahahahahahahahah
Wow so so cool ... still thinking about the brain teaser .... well it's Sunday Morning :) lol


Don’t let it get to you too much lol it had me feeling like this 🤯 for a while before I figured it out

Lol if not why not? There have been so many competitions on steemit lately I can barely keep up and still post about what I like to post about lol Multi entries are vital

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I really get lost sometimes with all these many competitions too. Meanwhile, I'm really afraid to end up in a competition blog instead what I want to put out. So right what you said ... I also just enter if it feels good and right and fits my blog in a way ...


Totally, I need to calm down too! But i've been on a bit of a winning streak of late. I was worried my followers would be annoyed but then i rememered most of them are ghosts in anycase lol. I've been trying to rebuild an authentic audience with commenting and outreach and its working, just very slowly, but ok with that im not here to be a celeb lol, i just want some engagment for my brain fart blogs lol


Yeahh, yes, so true, I think it's not that easy to build up this kind of audience. Needs a lot of commenting for sure. It takes time, I like organic growth very much and take it step by step.

PS: Just followed you :)

oh come on!!!!!!!!!! this was so awesome!!! hahahaha I was smiling the whole way through :)

really clever that you did all of your entries in one post!!!! (and saves up comment space on the contest post! LOL)

Awesome job and that brain boggle - hmmmmmmmm the second one - i will be thinking about that one until i figure it out!!!! good one! hahahaha


Thanks @dreemsteem as you can tell I had plenty of fun with this submission and clearly took some liberties glad to see innovation is appreciated on steemit

I’m sure all the entries you get for this one will be pretty entertaining

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oh yes!!! i'm having SO much fun!!!!!!!!! :) i love contests that get people excited hehehe

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