Steem Monsters Season Rewards! Two Rares and an Epic!

in esteem •  13 days ago

I only had a few hours to battle in this last season, and only managed to hit bronze 1 (lol).Thankfully all ranks in Steem Monsters get end of season rewards. I was given nine cards for my rank.


I have been really enjoying my experience so far playing Steem Monsters, I hope I can grow my collection and rise higher on the ladder, but for now lets check out what I got. I absolutely love the fact that you can keep earning cards without any extra money spent.


BOOM! Two rare cards and an epic!
I was also surprised to see FOUR copies of vampire. Makes me want to collect them and get one to max level.

I think, for now at least, I'm going to hold off on leveling up cards until I have a better understanding of which ones are worth investing in.

Thank you for reading my post about Steem Monsters.

What end of season rewards did you earn this time around?

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Great news, @bxlphabet. I hope you win the other vampire card you were going for. I'm so happy you like @steemmonsters and that you are doing well with it. Good luck in all your future battles.

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