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RE: eSteem - iOS v1.4.5, Schedule posts, Bandwidth saver, language, improvements, minor Android fix

in #esteem3 years ago

I can use the esteem to read and navigate, but evrytime I try to upvote or post, I get an auth error, this is on an iPhone 6s if that helps, tried to uninstall and install, and have newest OS X, anyone know what it might be?


Could you share screenshots please? Also restarting app seem to help for some users...

I get this message now,

When trying to add a profile pic :/ restarting the app has not helped:(

Thank you for your report, It looks like we will release update soon with those fixes!

Wow! Thanks for such quick and helpful attitude:) can't wait until it works, I am so glad someone goes trough all this trouble to make the app top notch! :)

hi again, this is totally weird but oh so nice, I just tried again today without updating the app even, and now I managed to get my profile picture up and posting trough the app, without even updating anything, amazing :)

@good-karma mine is giving me this error message now on my iPhone 6 Plus ... worked awesome for the first month, but just tried to make a post and it's giving me this message. Just finding this post. I restarted my app and my phone. Any suggestions? Really enjoyed using this app so far, I'm bummed that it's not working right now.

this problem has occurred on several occasions for me, but sometimes trying again using a different WiFi or using 3g will help, other times I’ve had to uninstall and reinstall the app. But most of the times you just have to try at a different time.

It might help to switch the server used under settings :)

thank you for this info!! looking at the server under settings, what would I change it to? sorry, kinda new at this ;)

@brakan there's a new update that I just got that seems to fix this issue! ;)