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A 65-year-old woman who distributed chocolates to children in the streets in the Tiruvannamalai district of Tamil Nadu in southern India was murdered by the people of the region, supposedly child hunters. Sweet deaths The people were triggering against child traffickers because of a rumor emerging near the area. The surrounding people, who saw the old woman talking to the children and giving them chocolates, attacked a 65 year-old Rukmani-named woman. The old woman has lost the end result of the crash.
The three next kins who were next to the woman also wanted to be lynched by the citizens. It was learned that the victims were on their way to visit a family visit and Muthumariamman temple.
Asking for an elderly woman sitting outside with his or her grandson, Rukmani then began to distribute the children from the chocolates next door. When the old woman told the villagers that a child thief was with them, the citizens gathered in one place and began to take account of the journeys.
The group of 4 people who wanted to get away from their cars was cut in front and the inside was forcibly taken out and killed. The victims were not persuaded by their passports and trying to explain the situation.
Police arrested 43 people for the incident and said they would be tried for murder. Also, similar events have been happening in the neighborhood, although the police have said they have taken similar measures over the past few days and have warned people about such deceptive bloodshed.



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a very tragic event is sad!

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