My father's history

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Hi everyone

Now I will tell you about my father's short story that has been dead for 15 years, my father's grave is outside the area, dibatam Riau islands, while I live in Aceh. Very far indeed, but we always send a prayer for him.

This is my father's grave, alm Saiful Bahri bin Sayed bakri.

Original Photo By @beurgek01

Alm father and mother used to live in Riau islands lagoi Bintan Utara

Original Photo By @beurgek01

Original Photo By @beurgek01

He works nirvana garden resort

Original Photo By @beurgek01

One day I will go there again to visit my father's grave

Original Photo By @beurgek01

If I am big and have a lot of income, I want to visit my father with a big family skin, and if necessary I want to make a house close to my father's grave.

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