Give Me a Liver Long Enough And A Fulcrum On Which To Place It,And I Shall Move The World(Archimedes)

in esteem •  5 months ago

World Is Getting Smaller......!!
No doubt we are closer than we ever were,no need of asking someone where you are we know the location of people through their phone.Long time ago people have to wait days,weeks or even months to get someone receive their letter if he is away from him in other city or country.Now we just need to click a button and we send and receive messages with almost blink of an eye.
We are living in the world where reality of communication is changing,we never know what's next.We talk around the world with our phone and internet.A piece of plastic named sim card is connecting millions of people.It's just technology.

Internet which can not even be seen has brought revolution in every aspect including media,technology ,connectivity.Business are now online shopping is online we just sit in our home and are connected with whole world.Yes science has made world smaller and almost in palm of our hand.

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