Dictatorship Or Democracy Which One Is Better(What's Your Choice)

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Rule Of Jungle
In the beginning of the world when people used to live in caves they have to find food to eat and do everything by themselves that was the time when nothing named dictatorship or democracy ever exist.People were living freely but also without system there was no rule no barriers that's why they killed eachother,rob eachother because they knew the rule of jungle only the powerful is superior and has the right to live.That was surely the most worst era.
After then step foot dictatorship when people found superior for themselves who was to solve their problems,that extended from colony to city than world.Countries were under dictatorship,if kindhearted king was crown it was good news for people but if cruel king came in power it was the most worst nightmare for the people.People were on the mercy of the king no one could ask king why was he doing anything.
Then came democracy which gave people the equal rights,every person has the right to give his opinion and can share his views.People can ask even the Government why is anything happening or ask them to fulfill their needs.System started to run accordingly and peace was found in image of democracy.Though few countries still have dictatorship but they are also running Democratic type of dictatorship,people are having equal rights and respect.
In my opinion democracy is the best way to run a system.

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