Mango Avokad, Rare Fruit that is More Trend in Indonesia

in #esteem4 years ago (edited) - Mango avocado is becoming a trend in Indonesia. It's hard to find this one on the market because it's only produced in Pasuruan, East Java. Naturally, if the avocado mango called rare fruit.

What is the difference between mango avocados and other types of mangoes? Avocado mango glance looks similar to mango arumanis. However, if observed that the mango avocado size is somewhat larger, but the base is also more rounded than mango arumanis.

In terms of taste, avocado mango tastes very different with mango arumanis. This is because avocado mango contains more starch than aruman mango, so much sweeter. Before eating mango avocados make sure the fruit is really mature in the tree.

Avocado mango fruit is very popular with some people because of how easy to eat and durable. It's so easy, you do not have to bother to get rid of mango skin and then slice it into small pieces and serve it on a plate.

This mango is called avokad manga because of its way of consumption that is split like avocado. Avocado mango only needs to be cut in the middle and then rotated until split in two. No need to slice it small, because this mango can be eaten directly with a spoon, like eating avocados.

Mango alokad is actually a mango varietas gadung klon 21. Mango gadung is a kind of old yg mmg bnyk many planted in East Java.

Price per kg is about Rp35.000. So, Trubus Mania already understand it, why is this fruit called avocado mango? [KW] image


Lovely and Awesome Mangos

We typically only get 3 different kinds in stores here in the US. The Tommy Atkins, Ataulfo, and Keitt...all fairly sweet,not very fibrous (probably because people don't like them that way and they won' sell) But being a mango fan, I would like to try this one even if you describe it as more starchy...where can I find one?!? Followed.

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