Lessons and Benefits of Qurban

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If the qurban worship is carried out with full sincerity and solely hopes for the pleasure of Allah Almighty, then the culprit will receive great wisdom and benefits both in the world and in the world. Among them are:

1. Increase faith

A person who sacrifices by slaughtering livestock is expected to think, "Why do livestock such as cattle, buffaloes and camels that are big and strong beyond the physical strength of humans want to submit and submit to humans? Why do these animals want to be ordered to plow, carry heavy things, milk their milk and slaughter and eat meat by humans? This is solely because of the blessings of Allah which are bestowed upon humans. Therefore humans must believe in Allah SWT and give thanks to Him. As Allah SWT has reminded him in the letter Yasin verse 72 - 73:

وذللناها لهم فمنها ركوبهم ومنها يأكلون. ولهم فيها منافع ومشاربط أفلا يشكرون.

"And We subdue the animals for them; then some of them become their mounts and some of them eat. And they get it benefits and drinks. So why aren't they grateful? "

2. Bring yourself closer to Allah SWT.

Sacrifice of worship performed solely because it fulfills the commands of Allah SWT is a manifestation of obedience and obedience of a servant to his Lord. Every person who is obedient and obedient to Allah SWT will obtain the title muqarribin (those who are close to Allah) and muttaqin (those who fear) and get the glory and happiness of living in the world and in the hereafter. Besides that qurban worship is the realization of the pledges that we say repeatedly every time I read the iftitah prayer in prayers that are derived from the word of God in the letter al-An'am verse 162:

إن صلاتي ونسكي ومحياي ومماتي لله رب العالمين

"Verily my prayer, my worship, my life and my death are only for Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.

3. Cleanse yourself from despicable qualities

By performing qurban worship, then someone has succeeded in fighting and defeating his lusts which always hinder him from doing good such as giving charity and sacrificing. In this way, he has managed to rid himself of the terrible bad qualities in his heart, such as the inherent or stingy nature and excessive love for possessions.

4. Strengthen the ukhuwah Islamiyah

Sacrifice of worship in Islam, is not the same as the offering ceremony (offerings) of religions outside of Islam. Islam does not order its adherents to kill animals on the worship altar, or in the forest, or on the banks of the river and give it to God. But Islam ordered that qurban meat be distributed to the poor. Thus the poor feel the delicious meat of the animal sacrifice in addition to feeling cared for by those who are capable so that there will be a solid Islamic ukhwah among fellow Muslims.

Our willingness to slaughter sacrificial animals on Eid al-Adha and Taysriq, we should make it as the starting point of our awareness to sacrifice energy, mind, wealth and even soul for the sake of religion, homeland and nation. Because in essence, sacrifice is not only limited to slaughtering livestock on Eid al-Adha and tasyriq. But also sacrifice energy, mind, wealth and soul for the achievement of 'izzul Islam wal Muslimin, unity and unity of the nation, as well as justice that is prosperous and equitable prosperity which is the direction and goal of the development of the Indonesian nation.

One concrete example of the essential qurban worship is our willingness to help Muslims improve their standard of living and quality of education, especially our neighbors who live below the poverty line. We must be willing to sacrifice


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