Liverpool Is The Winner Of UEFA Champion League Trophy And Title

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Today again i am going to tell you about exceptional that is football. This post is about a match that was really important match to know the UEFA Champion League winner. We know that this match had take place today only some minutes ago. This match was amazing and i had to woke up till night to watch this match but it was wroth it. This match was between Tottenham and Liverpool. Both teams are exceptional team and were the best team in UEFA Champion league so they are at the finals. This match had really amazing turns and both teams played well to win this match as it was for the trophy of biggest championship. I wrote a post about this match preview and today i am going to tell you about the result.


Lets talk about this match.

Tottenham and Liverpool team were exceptional. We can see that Liverpool improved their game since the match against the Liverpool which level up their game though both teams best to win this match. This match was final time when both teams faced each other in UEFA Champion League for this season. Liverpool was tea, which played exceptionally in this match and we could say that they were leading this match and at the end of the match they won the title and trophy of UEFA Champion League winner. Tottenham and Liverpool, both team gave each other a hard time during this match as both teams wanted to win UEFA Champion League trophy.

Lets me tell you that the first half was exceptional part of this match too but in the first half we couldn't see goals from Tottenham sides but we did from Liverpool side. We could say that odds was on Liverpool side and they did great job in the first half too. In the first half we could see great shots from both sides but only Liverpool was able to turn the first shot in to the goal. The first half was full of game changing moments and both teams were exceptional. There a first goal of the match at the few minutes after the game started but it was on a penalty which defeated them in this match and the goals was from Liverpool side. This goal changed everything as it was chance given to Liverpool to score goal which was easy one to. The first half had all the fun and interesting part as the goal was scored in just two minute. So, a lot of things happened in the first half and first half ended.

When the first half was finished, Liverpool did looked at a good form. Tottenham also came up with more better form in the second half. When the first half finished Liverpool and Tottenham were looking exceptional but still the game was on Liverpool side. After some minute of first half we didn't saw a single goal till the end of the match where another goal was scored from Liverpool side. So, that was the last goals of this match and this match ended great for Liverpool. So,this match was exciting till the last moment but the final score was 0-2 which totally proved my prediction for this match.As my prediction was right on one contest.

Tottenham Vs Liverpool was exceptional match that i love watching. The person who scored goals for Liverppol were Mohamed Salah who scored a goal at just 2 minute of the match, Divock Origi who scored a goal at 87 minute which was the last goal for this match. There was no goal from Tottenham at the end of this match and end of UEFA Champion League. Tottenham Vs Liverpool was a match to enjoy while watching. In this match both teams scored a lot of goals and both teams where at their best performance. At the end there could be only winner and it was non other than Liverpool. This match was historical win for Liverpool. Liverpool won the title and trophy UEFA Champion League and lifted up the trophy in their hands.


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