🎲 Ludo star🎲

in esteem •  2 months ago 


Do you like games?

This game is called Ludo Star,
a game based on dice, you can play it alone in the off line mode and you can play as a team , each team of two people, and you can compete with four people without the formation of a team, and you can compete after choosing the amount competing, Or alone get the full amount.
I play this game in time of 😑
or times I do not want to sleep in it,,😴

Have you played this game before?🤑

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yas I played this game take many time


Ya , it's take long time when you choose to play in classic mode or master mode but in quick it's not take long time

yes i tried it couple of times..
it's a good game


It's really good , I like to play it

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Thanks for replying