beautiful flowers have their own sign

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good afternoon friends all .. this is a beautiful flower that became my posting today the flowers that grow in the yard of the house without in care but after the rain this flower grows so much and looks beautiful glowing all day if we love the flowers all the plants will be decorated with flowers then every day we will see beautiful hands watering this flower so that over time this flower will be a heart conditioning


in everyday life from the past until now this flower has a mystique of any sign for something such as the expression of love through a safe flower so that the first Flower-Flower is used to send the code message so they do not need to talk only through flowers to express his feelings because the flowers have represented the message to be conveyed include messages of positive or negative meaning such as love to someone close and far flower coupled with love will make the intention of conveyed so also or hatred towards someone then this flower will be the bearer of hatred towards someone so it has something unique to flowers and symbols, but on the other hand flowers for me is very beautiful and fun that makes the heart feel happy


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