Stranded in Eolo

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Greetings to everyone, the following story was inspired by the digital art of @xpilar, I invite you to visit his blog. The picture that motivated this story is the following.


Stranded in Eolo

The sight of a steep coastline covered by a dense forest surprised Isabella, who had fallen unconscious when the capsule violently entered the atmosphere of the planet. Luckily for her, the guidance system of the AI had worked correctly and after correcting the irregular rotation of the capsule, she managed to successfully orient it to the continent.

She tried to remember the events that had led her to that capsule, but her mind was too cloudy to remember them. Her last memory of the ship was to run down the aisles to the capsule and then be violently fired when the escape vehicle was launched.

The tiny capsule landed placidly on the beach at the edge of the forest. After ejecting the hatch, Isabella managed to get out clumsily, to fall face down on the sand, turned around and lay for a while watching the intense blue sky of that planet, but where was she, could not remember.

She woke up in the middle of the night, a nightmare reminded her that the console of the ship, just before leaving it, signalled the arrival at the bridge of Aeolus, a sanctuary planet near Dione, in her nightmare she felt persecuted, harassed by something she could neither understand nor describe.

With difficulty she stood up, took the emergency box from inside the capsule and dragged it into the forest, after deploying the shelter and turning on the heater, she lay inside, looking through the translucent roof of the small enclosure. In the sky, the dawn moved like a veil of green, yellow and orange lights.

As she ate the emergency rations, her mind, a little more lucid, could remember that shortly before entering the bridge that led her to Eolo, where she thought she was, she was in an unexplored region, beyond a bridge into nowhere.

While she was there, she received a strange encrypted transmission, which she could not identify, and after that, a small ship, of unidentified appearance and signal, appeared from nowhere a few kilometers from where she was. Her ship's instruments were blocked and a scan signal was received from the unknown ship.

Thinking about what happened she fell asleep, again in her dreams, part of what happened was revealed. She was fleeing in terror from the strange ship, it was as if some kind of ghost was chasing her, silent, almost imperceptible, her signal appeared and disappeared from her sensors. He managed to reach the bridge and after crossing it, he found his way to Eolo, but as he had arrived there, this planet was never on his route.

Shortly after arriving near Eolo, inexplicably the life support system failed and the antimatter reactor blocked and the expulsion sequence began. His spacecraft would be disabled in a few minutes, he ran to the capsule and was ejected, to get to where he was now.

He woke up with the radiance of the star in his eyes, so he could see it was almost half a day, the shadow of a ship was positioned over his shelter, the rescue had arrived, soon he would be back in Dione, from where he had left. As she looked up she could see the hexagonal silhouette of the strange ship that was chasing her, then a beam of intense blue light blinded her, just before she lost consciousness.

Text of @amart29 and digital art of @xpilar, June 2019

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I can only thank @xpilar for allowing me to use his digital art in my publication and for motivating my creation. Thank you very much @xpilar

Thank you all for visiting my publication, I hope your comments and I appreciate your support, until next time

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