Penicillus fish or Peacock fishery in the social media brawl! 😂😂😂

in #esteem3 years ago (edited)

Fish area unit attached the everyday life of Bengalis. many of us won't be able to settle for that fish or eggs won't be unbroken within the change of state list. however if you accustomed eat rice, if there was a fish to seem sort of a pecker, then however would you think?

Do not be stunned, if you're not in our country, you'll keep during this 'pecker fish' meal. Whose wear name is 'Pennies Fish'. This fish is found in Japan, South Korea, and even the Chinese coastal areas. And in these Asian countries, these restaurants area unit served in a very form of completely different restaurants with 'Penis Fees' and this 'Penicose Fish' or Peacock Fishes may be a little cluster of social media.

Variety delicious recipes may be barbecued with this pecker fish. analysis has already been through with this fish in Russia's multiple laboratories. This fish sounds like a sausage. many of us notice a match with this once more. then this type of naming of this fish.

Soft, very slippery fish has no teeth. The scientists United Nations agency discovered this fish claim that they need to go away the lifetime of their life if they are doing not have a tooth, however they're unwilling to convey it to fish. in line with them, this can be really a kind of marine worm. Anyway, if you visit those countries to eat once, the way to eat 'penis fish' or peacock fish.


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